While the journey of a 1000 miles may begin only with a simple step, who among us has the foresight to see so far ahead? The reality of the matter is that since technological growth is exponential, not linear, there is no path to 1000 miles.

The process of progress changes significantly then, as we move towards a dynamic, fluid world of growth and creativity. Rest knowing we can still take one step forward, at a time, provided we embrace that our journey may take us in unknown directions.

We must be like water, allowing ourselves to fit perfectly with our new surroundings, our environment. Pressurized water has the capacity to split apart steel, yet is impossible to grip or overpower. Become the river that forms new paths, fresh terrains, fuelled by the on pour of the technological storm.

In doing so, determine your own journey, embracing energy and gravity alike as you fluidly forge your own path. Become like a dancer, rhythmic and dynamic, yet following a disciplined and focused aggression.

The process of progress is infinite, as water evaporates and rejuvenates the Earth again later, so must your own fluid motion act: only breaking to recover yourself and to come crashing down upon the Earth with all the relentless energy of gravity as your propeller.

Ilia Reingold

Passionate programmer with an eye for trending developments.

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