The brink of dawn is the most glorious moment in time. Luckily for us, the sun rises everyday, therefore, we get to experience this event daily. If – of course – we decide that it is worthwhile enough to do so.

The issue at the hand is of terrifying importance. Most of the time, we do not consider how extreme some situations can become, until it’s too late. We are like a frog in a pot of tepid water, content with the environment, unaware the chef is slowly boiling the waters, until the heat overcomes us, and we die.

We let the comfort of past situations stop us from pursuing other waters, and we let this attitude, this approach, dictate our lives. To feel passion in your life is one the most rewarding pleasures that exist. The pursuit of passion forces us to transcend challenges, to decimate obstacles, and to relish in the carnage of doing so.

The first step comes with recognizing the value of a new day. Such a moment can only truly be appreciated at the first glimpse of sunrise. As though the excitement of what you can achieve today is so strong, sleeping late becomes difficult.

Only by finding focus will such a thing be possible. You must reach deep within the well that exists in you, and you must drink the elixir of the deepest, darkest waters inside. It will rejuvenate you as the fountain of youth revitalize the body.

The risk is that a situation arises that is extremely difficult to deal with. One that culminates in catastrophe, and its magnitude overwhelms us. Such a circumstance may affect those who are dear to us, dragging us under the tidal wave unexpectedly. Usually, we are prepared to handle life for ourselves, but sometimes complications arise.

The ability to have security in a difficult circumstance is valuable beyond all words. Being able to offer that security is of unparalleled importance. Imagine if a moment arises when you cannot offer security to a beloved one. It’s a powerfully crippling moment, one that makes you realize the significance of the brink of dawn.

For, if you had respected the value of time, the kiss of first light could have already been your grace. Instead, you squandered the daily beauty, and for what? Excuses and mediocrity? And then you wonder why you feel petty and jealous?

Enough feeling sorry for yourself. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow, the sun will rise again. Today, plan for tomorrow, and for the day after. Plan the habits that will bring you untold fortune, so that offering security to those whom you treasure becomes a mere afterthought, not a monumental sacrifice. Visualize the hero you deserve to be, and make every morning a reflection of that.

Ilia Reingold

Passionate programmer with an eye for trending developments.

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