Our expression is the height of individuality. Expression can take on many forms, and none can ever truly be repeated, as the designs on a snowflake. As such, the world is filled with a constant supply of ever growing diverse talents and skills. We need never feel bored, as challenges and secrets await at every turn and corner.

Some may identify with the feeling of nostalgic video games, one where the music transports us back to a time when we were more creative, stimulated, and engaged then we have felt in a long time. We seem to accept that life progressively gets lower in quality, as you age and have to enter the wage cycle. People have been taught to believe the world is dangerous, that death is irrational and random. We see the effects of age and consider the total span of our youth. Sometimes, not as often as you’d think, such deep introspection inspires a change in thinking and behavior. For most people, it just creates a brief sensation of empowerment, which then quickly fades away as the tediousness of life wears away it.

What we forget is the simple brilliance of adventure. We need to hear that music again, the music which brings us back before age and life starting wearing us down. If we could just channel that boundless joy, that casual genius found in the intuition of a curious and intelligent child, we would feel and stay youthful psychologically.

It takes a special kind of courage, because we must continually infuse the knowledge of the outside, adult world into our minds, and form judgments on massively complicated subjects without a full understanding of so many variables. As such, many feel discouraged from allowing their judgment to develop, preferring to settle on superficial standards and embrace previous ways of thinking. You can see this dictated in the culture, the philosophy of the times, and the prevalent form of “modern” education.

Like the hero of a story, we must constantly strive to retain our philosophy and independence, always recreating our own image as we gain experience and power. The moment we let our image be defined by others, is the moment we forfeit all control. Only by adhering to our personal convictions, and refusing to compromise, can we truly define our expression.

That individual expression, to communicate with it, is the highest form of creative happiness. To share our experience through our own method and means, with the intricacy detail and flawless structure, like the designs of a snowflake.

Ilia Reingold

Passionate programmer with an eye for trending developments.

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