– Art by @Brollonks

Never say you are strong, show you are strong by making a contrast between yourself and your inconsistent or moderate opponents. @RobertGreene

The Stone Giant does not start off as a giant. Indeed, the Earth Elemental begins as nothing more than a bit of stone, some insignificant rock in the middle of the forest. Just a fragment of a larger whole, the young Earth Elemental must begin his journey as hardened speck of dust. While they rest, Earth Elementals dream of attaining mass, to feel their physical connection to the Earth, to embrace their sedimentary nature.

The Earth Elemental has one key advantage: he has a heart of lodestone, a powerful magnetic base. As such, even from his tiniest initial stage, by his progress through the forest, exploring the reality of nature itself, he will magnetize smaller components, drawing them in like a blackhole vacuums in light. Slowly, the magnetic energy circulating in the smaller stones near the heart, vibrate intensely enough to form a force so potent, an layer forms on top of the lodestone, adding a layer of skin to the Earth Elemental.

As the outer layer forms slowly, so does the biological lodestone, growing in size, magnetic particles acting as blood cells, building an ever growing, more powerful heart. The process is slow, as old as nature herself, but each step of exploration, each twist and turn in the world forest, hardens the heart’s outer layer, while simultaneously increasing the size of the core.

Thousands of years pass in what seems to be a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of timelessness. While mortal beings lived and died hundreds of generations, the Earth Elemental ponderously accumulates mass, recreating his image as a titan of the Earth. In a dreamlike drift of a consistent process, the Elemental ceases to notice the moment he transitions into a Stone Giant. All he knows is the journey, the endless paths that await his travels, expanding his strength by an order of magnitude with each millennium.

Let your own journey match the path of the Stone Giant. Let your magnetic heart attract energy and strength from your environment. Let the passing of time slow to crawl as the magnitude of your journey transcends time and life itself. Become the source of strength and power you search for, find the core within that will bring happiness willingly to you, as you connect closer with the Earth each day.

Ilia Reingold

Passionate programmer with an eye for trending developments.

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