Focus is a precious resource. When we have it, our sense of power and confidence to execute feels enhanced tenfold over. When we lack it, the smallest bumps feel like unsurmountable obstacles. The desire to achieve focus is surprisingly rare. To be able to focus, one must concentrate to the point of ignoring everything else, if only for a moment.

This elevated state of mind is critical to the success of athletes, who need to access the zone to produce optimal performance. It is only in the zone that a competitor feels boundless confidence making lightning fast decisions. It is the paralysis of decision-making which is the antithesis of focus. With concentration, one finds the way, the path, the truth with a certain natural ease. It is our birthright to embrace our childlike essence of carefree happiness and devil-may-care aggression.

Intense focus on the objective makes it difficult to spend precious energy considering matters of less importance. Without our vicious drive to conquer, to gain power and freedom, we become like fireflies lost in strong wind, blinking with flashes of brilliance, but lacking any direction or magnificent illumination.

Consider your own greatest objectives. Visualize them, as though you already have achieved them. Feel yourself drifting towards the right path of execution. Find yourself considering how to streamline your process going forward.

Ilia Reingold

Passionate programmer with an eye for trending developments.

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