Everyday we forget who are.

We are born Tabula Rasa, devoid of any sensory data or inputs whatsoever. As an infant, we are not even able to focus our eyes, we must learn to do so manually. In time, we gain stronger introspective understanding and begin to exercise the muscles and nerves surrounding our eyes. Soon, we master this skill, and it becomes automatic, delegated to the subconscious mind as a known pattern.

Nowadays, we actually have to consciously make effort to un-focus our eyes. Such is the power of the unconscious mind. This ability to execute defined functions, in context to the entire system, while also rapidly assessing the environment for fluid adjustments. Hence skills like walking, running, and swimming become instinctual and almost programmatic.

The great risk is when we allow dangerous patterns to become functions, forever dooming ourselves to have poor reactions and results. And the nature of suggestion can be quite insidious, as culture itself whispers half-truths and fakes that are indistinguishable. We hear poor suggestions reinforced everywhere, the tone and color of those insinuations is a sort of sickly green, infecting our minds with weakness and timidity. We hear it constantly, from sitcoms declaring the height of life to having a few friends and an apartment, to public education preparing us for destined mediocrity. We see everywhere the call for financial support of those less fortunate than us, and become seduced into thinking a stable, well paying job is more than good enough.

Everyday we forget who we are.

We are creatures of fortune, given the greatest gift life has to offer: the human mind. This unparalleled biological processing power with infinite potential. We must strive past the subtle, insidious suggestions of mediocrity that infiltrate and poison our society. It is our destiny to rise higher than our predecessors, as we are given precious space on their shoulders, and have a huge vantage point from such a position. We must embrace our Promethean qualities and see further than anyone could before.

Remember who you are.

Who you were destined to be. The flaming spark of a soul that glimmers in your heartbeat, your expression, your walk. Greatness and power awaits those that take it, those with the boldness to execute, to walk the untread path. Become the general of the war that is your life, your struggle to bring happiness and freedom to fruition, that you may experience the Elysian Fields – while still alive.

Remember who you are.

Ilia Reingold

Passionate programmer with an eye for trending developments.

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