After purchasing a copy of 3D Game Design with Unreal Engine 4 and Blender, I have started to design my first level. Right now it’s a flow of basic primitives being combined to form some sort of coherent landscape. Currently got a feel for using floors and roofs, aligning them to walls, setting up lights and a player spawn.

I need more practise with the snapping system to ensure my assets have mathematical precision, rather than this awkward placing and tampering with variables I’m currently doing.

Different types of lights in UE4:

  • PointLights, which illuminate in a sphere around them
  • SpotLights, which illuminate in a cone
  • DirectionalLights/SkyLights, large light sources like Sun/Moon

Attenuation is the value which reflects how much lumens is lost over distance. A light with attenuation set to 0 does not lose luminance.

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