Work Experience

Real Matters
Front-End Developer
2016-08 - present

  • Developing cutting edge user interfaces using ReactJS
  • Maintaining application state with Redux
  • Codebase written and maintained in ES6/ES7

KDPi Consulting
JavaScript Developer
2016-07 / 2016-08 (2 month contract)

  • Provided various bug fixes to, a JS-based web app
  • Addressed various responsive issues across iOS, Android, and mobile
  • Identified and adjusted problematic code for cross-platform consistency

React Developer
2016-04 / 2016-06 (2 month contract)

  • Contributed UI/UX code to an ticketing web application
  • Wrote ES6 React components backed with Express

Demac Media
Front End Web Developer
2015-07 / 2016-03

  • Wrote code for various eCommerce sites, for clients like Girl Scouts, West49, InkShop.
  • Thoroughly versed in the Shopify API and the theme development process
  • Wrote NodeJS middleware to handle data manipulation in between orders reaching completion status

Fullstack Web Developer
2014-10 / 2015-06

Extended existing Rails application with new features, while applying test-driven development principles. Debugged various client- facing issues with Rspec + Capybara. This application was a dashboard for creating advertisement campaigns. We leveraged tools such as Devise, Heroku, CORS-JS to build an app which creates embed code snippets regular webmasters could copy + paste unto their websites and begin generating advertising revenue. Additionally, I also developed client-facing CMS web applications via Wordpress + PHP + jQuery + Boostrap. Furthermore, I also aggregated data across sales channels and then prototyped a revenue-orientated, data visualization mobile application with MeteorJS + Ionic.

Fullstack Web Developer
2014-04 / 2014-09

Extended PHP app, built with MVC framework Laravel 4.0, with new features. Leveraged Symfony/Composer for dependency management, with a combination of Bootstrap 3.0, jQuery, + templating language Blade to create a dynamic, modern UI. This application was a dashboard for registering IoT devices, complete with user roles, authentication, CRUD, and email verification.

Hackathon Projects

AngelHack Toronto ‘16
June 11-12/16

Rolling solo this time, I built a mapping application with MeteorJS/React/ES6 and Material Design that handles creating “opportunities” dynamically which other users can participate with for profit or fun.

Source code on Github

Scotiabank Debt Challenge
Feb 16/16

In a group of three, we built a web application with MeteorJS 1.2, which uses the google-maps API to build a realtime view of properties that are available for investment. Trinity simulates interfacing with a banking service to automatically consider your income and expense to offer smart suggestions on affordable real estate investment.

Source code on Github

Informal Education

Building Scalable APIs with the AWS API Gateway
by Will Button
Completed on June 22/16

This course teaches using AWS Lambda as a nano-architecture serverless solution, by working in conjunction with the API Gateway to generate highly scalable RESTful resources – backed with staging environments – and roles assigned to developers via IAM.

A publicly accessible API endpoint is provided for inspection. The result is an array of 10 “shoes”, each containing randomly generated data, suitable for prototyping future projects.

Play by Play: Building a Node Web API
by Sam Artioli & John Papa
Completed on March 26/16

This course showed me how to build a CRUD, RESTful API using ExpressJS/NodeJS. We fire up a running MongoDB instance, and connect to it using the Mongoose Object Document Mapper. We fire up two API services, each returning their own resource, and use middleware to aggregate data from both sources asynchronously – returning all the data in JSON.

Source code on Github

Build Cross Platform React Native Apps with Exponent and Redux
by Hendrik Swanepoel
Completed on March 20/16

This course introduced my to React-Native and it’s awesome power for using JavaScript to construct mobile applications. One significant advantage of RN is the build process, which compiles to native code. I built a todo app which contains a form input, views with animated transitions, and rendering that is specific to Android/iOS. Redux handles state and filtering across pending and completed todos.

Source code on Github

Formal Education

Bitmaker Labs
Completed through 2014-04 — 2014-06

Learned the fundamentals of web development with Ruby on Rails & JavaScript. Worked with a partner on a final project that was designed to alleviate the challenges associated with managing many part time employees.

Source code on Github

Sustainable Energy & Building Technology
Humber College, Advanced Diploma
Completed through 2009 — 2013

Studied principles of energy efficient, smart home design. Learned about the nature of renewable energy. Developed expertise with Computer-Aided-Design software such as AutoCAD and Revit Architecture.